Film and Media Studies Courses

Film and Media Studies Courses

The Film & Media Studies Minor requires a total of 18 credits:

6 credits of required courses 
12 credits of electives


Required Courses (6 credits)

COMM 380 Media Criticism
ENGH 372 Introduction to Film


Elective Courses (12 credits)

Art and Visual Technology
AVT 377






COMM 208 Intro Media Production (formerly COMM 355 Video Principles and Practices)
COMM 302 Foundations of Media Theory
COMM 350 Mass Communication and Public Policy
COMM 358 Multi-Camera Studio Production
COMM 360 Digital Postproduction
COMM 364 Videography
COMM 365 Gender, Race, and Class in the Media
COMM 366 Visual Communication
COMM 372 Sports and Media
COMM 452 Media Production Practicum
COMM 456 Comparative Mass Media 



ENGH 318 Introduction to Cultural Studies (with permission of director)
ENGH 319 Popular Culture (with permission of director
ENGH 362 Global Voices (with permission of director)
ENGH 370 Introduction to Documentary
ENGH 371 Television Studies
ENGH 373 Film & Video Forms
ENGH 418 Cultural Constructions of Sexualities (with permission of director)
ENGH 419 Topics in Popular Literature (with permission of director)
ENGH 470 RS Topics in Film/Media History
ENGH 472 Topics in Film/Media Theory
ENGH 474 Topics in Film/Media Studies
ENGH 499 Independent Study (with permission of director)

Film & Video Studies

FAVS 225 History of World Cinema
FAVS 250 Business of Film and Video
FAVS 300 Global Horror Films
FAVS 352 Ethics of Film & Video
FAVS 399 Special Topics (with permission of director)


Modern and Classical Languages

CHIN 320 Chinese Film
FREN 470 French and Francophone Cinema 
FRLN 331 Topics in World Cinema
JAPA 320 Japanese Cinema
RUSS 470 Topics in (Post) Soviet Film



MUSI 301 Music in Motion Pictures