Fires at Sea Italy and the Migration Crisis

We invite you to a film and lecture series on Italy and migration which the Italian Program has organized this semester. In addition to MCL, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Global Affairs Program, the Film and Media Studies Program and the Visiting Filmmakers Series are co-sponsors.




The series consists of three linked events on September 25, October 23, and November 13 (always at 4:30pm in the JC Cinema). The first and the third events are screenings of recent documentaries on the topic (Fuocoammare and Aulò), which will be introduced by experts in the field, Professors Cynthia Fuchs (English) and Di Nino (MCL), with question and answer sessions afterwards.


The second event is a roundtable discussion with a group of Mason professors from across the College: Anne Schiller (SOAN), Niklas Hultin (GLOA), Jennifer Ashley (GLOA), Jonathon Repinecz (MCL), and Nicola Di Nino (MCL), who will all share their diverse disciplinary perspectives.


We look forward to creating a space to consider this complex and pressing issue, and hope to see you there.


Please contact Kristina Olson ( or Nicola Di Nino (, event co-organizers, with any questions.